The gorgeous ginger-tinged gold kitty with giant eyes has become the perfect cosplay for Puss in Boots from Shrek, especially when he does his classic pleading expression. Although it seems a bit incredible, the images of the tender feline speak for themselves, since he really has this expression engraved on his face.


Thanks to his cute appearance, Pisco has become very popular on the Internet and now his Instagram has almost 630,000 followers from all over the world.


Pisco’s admirers are fans of the beautiful photos of their favorite feline influencer, especially for his great gift and ability to pose. And it is that, although it seems unbelievable, everyone believes that his owner does what Pisco wants, because his appearance manages to convince everyone.

Unlike other aloof cats, Pisco has proven to be one that likes petting, but it seems that wasn’t always the case. According to his owner, at first Pisco was very shy, nervous and cautious, he would not even let them touch him or approach him to hug him.

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