Hazel-Potato, a one- eyed calico cat , also known as Rotunda, was adopted by Katie and her partner a year ago, when they picked up their other cat, Gatsby, at the vet after a routine appointment, only to stumble upon a fair of adoptions.


Katie and her partner live in North Carolina, USA. They have two cats, Gatsby and Daisy, but she completely fell in love with the 8-year-old cat when she saw her.


Katie said, according to Metro :

“A lot of people ask us why she only has one eye, but unfortunately we don’t know her backstory as we adopted her last year. Hazel-Potato stared at us and the next thing I know, I’m filling out an adoption application. I instantly had a connection with her, and she was purring really loud in her cage.

Instagram/ thehazelpotato

Hazel seems to really like wearing hats, although we don’t know if her taste has been lifelong, because we don’t know her past, but the truth is that her followers currently love her style to pose with different hats.

Katy said:

“I don’t make the hats, I buy them. I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on them!”

She said:

“She’s definitely comfortable wearing the hats, as long as they’re not too big! He really likes the bucket hat! She is too cute, everyone needs to see her. She is so daring too. She loves the attention from everyone she meets.”

Katie finally said:

“Everyone loves how stylish she is and how well she poses for the camera. They also like to say that she is a permanent winker. Hazel-Potato is the highlight of everyone’s day, and they always tell us so.”

You can follow Hazel on Instagram , if you also need to feast your eyes on sweet photos to brighten your day.

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