Luh Meira and her young son were enjoying the day, right outside their apartment complex in Brazil, when something unexpected happened. The woman’s son, who had been playing with her house keys for a long time, found it amusing to drop them down a random hole as part of his game.


Seeing the situation, the woman tried to retrieve the keys, but apparently her attempts were in vain. As much as she tried Luh, she couldn’t get them back, everything indicated that they would stay out of her apartment while they found a solution to her dilemma.


An unexpected hero appeared to help this woman and her son, a cute black cat named Pantera, who is the pet of one of Luh’s neighbors.

Gracefully and calmly, the feline used its slender legs and helped rescue the family’s keys.

“If I didn’t film it, no one would believe it. He surprised me, because I thought he put his foot in the hole just to play, but his intention was really to get the keys. He was super happy ».


As a thank you for his help during these times and a reward for his good deeds, Luh presented Pantera with an adorable toy, as well as spoiling him with some treats. But in addition to this, the feline got something even more special; he earned the unconditional affection of this woman.

Finally, Luh said:

“He earned my love. She was already in love with cats, but now there is no doubt ».

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