Mogli is a kitten who started her life as a little orphan on the streets of Morocco, but luckily, she is now giving a whole new meaning to the term adventurous cat.

The little cat has already toured more than a dozen countries with her adoptive father, Martin Klauka, 32, from Germany. She travels in the tank bag of her Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin motorcycle, and there are still many other far away places to cross off her wish list.

Martin never imagined that he would end up adopting a kitten. He always considered that his dream of a more nomadic life seemed to be separate from having pets, but on a trip with some friends through Morocco in March last year, Mogli found him and never let him go alone again.

Martin told The Dodo :

Soon, Martin realized that the little kitten was too tired even to lift her head, and in that moment he knew that he couldn’t leave her. And despite some people making fun of him for touching a flea-ridden stray cat, he carried her through the rest of the night, sneaking her back to her hotel room to give her at least a night’s rest. streets.

It was clear to Martin that adopting an animal, especially one so young and fragile, would be a huge responsibility, one he wasn’t sure he wanted to take on. So he waited to make a decision in the morning.

Although initially suspicious of the motorcycle, Mogli seemed to calm down after only half an hour on the road. Apparently Martin had found his new traveling companion.

In 2017, the man decided to quit his job and set off on a road trip. Now, with Mogli by his side, he has traversed from the Mediterranean Sea to Iran and then to the United Arab Emirates, crossing 10 countries on his way and finally arriving in Dubai in December.

Every time they arrive in a new place, Mogli performs a ritual of checking for dangers, such as cars and dogs, and places himself in a safe space. The little feline’s observational skills have come in handy for her father, especially when he loses sight of the tent and Mogli is able to lead him back.

Martin assures:

“I am happy with where I am in my life and happy to have led her. I’m glad I got through all of this.”

Now that they have completed the first leg of their journey, Martin is working in Dubai, and plans to move on through Pakistan and India this summer. For now, he and Mogli are taking a much-needed break from their travels, but there are certainly many more adventures to come together.

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