Gray Cat is a charming gray kitten, who seemed very happy living her life in freedom, she did not depend on anyone for anything, but everything changed when someone new moved into the neighborhood. It was at that moment when the cat decided that she would become part of this family and groom its members as much as they let her.

The former stray cat no longer visits the neighbors’ houses, and of course, everything has a very specific reason, she had already chosen her favorite people.

Jessica Heidelberg, Gray Cat’s new mom, told The Dodo :

Jessica tells:

“She clearly prefers to eat my hair. She also likes to lie down, stand or take a nap on my chest. Sometimes she gently bites my face with affection. But she loves to ‘fix’ my hair every time I sit in my favorite chair.”

Cats groom themselves for a number of reasons, from instinct to stress relief to sharing the scent of family, and Gray Cat started this ritual a year ago when Jessica moved to the area.

Jessica recalls:

“She just showed up, very hungry and very friendly. Originally, she was fed outside because she liked to bully my three spoiled cats and protect her food bowl from them.”

But apparently, Gray Cat officially felt like a member of the family when the woman’s 6-year-old daughter started taking her inside the house regularly. The intelligent feline felt comfortable with this situation and she declared herself as the new member of the household.


The woman tells:

“Grey Cat darts through any open door, immediately runs to get some food, and then acts like she owns the house.”

Jessica added:

“I let her in when it’s cold or rainy, or just when she decides she needs a free meal. I let her out when she’s had enough, or if she pleases. I allow him to nap, play groomer, or play with my cats’ toy mice, which they take for granted.”

Now Gray Cat has the best of both worlds at her disposal, plus a wonderful new family.

Finally, Jessica said:

“We started calling her Gray Cat so I wouldn’t get attached. But [Grey Cat] had other plans. This is her house now.”

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