Maple, an adorable calico kitten, was rescued from the streets just after giving birth to her only baby, a little boy named Cider, the mother cat , who was yet to give birth to two other felines and her kitten were brought to the center rescue program Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC).

Jenn, a foster volunteer, took care of the cat and gave her a place to keep her kittens. Unfortunately, only Cider survived despite Jenn’s best efforts. Although Maple felt confused by everything that was happening around her, she did her best to take care of little Cider.

“Despite what she has been through with the loss of her babies, she is still so loving and sweet. Maple and Cider have such a special bond and she is a great mother to him.”

Over time, Maple got used to her new life indoors, taking care of her baby and enjoying treats and toys in her home. She meowed at the birds through the window and happily rolled onto her back to be petted by her foster mother.

Soon after, Jenn took in an orphaned kitten named Clove who needed a mother’s love and care.

Jenn tells:

“MACC’s amazing vet took her home to foster her and made sure she was okay. (When she was stable), the shelter asked me if I would be willing to take her in, and I thought Maple could ‘adopt’ her into her little family.”

Jenn remembers:

“She gets all the familiar benefits of snuggling and cuddling (and grooming); however, she eats by herself with me.”

Three weeks after settling in, Clide started to grow bigger and more playful. He enjoyed running around his house and then going back to his mother for a snack before resuming the game.

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